dinsdag 22 november 2011

Misty Utrecht

Two days of mist is what took away the view in Utrecht but instead of locking me inside I felt inspired to go out with the camera. Mist wasn't the only thing that can spoil your pictures, I also chose to go out at the evening. After getting dressed for a cold and wet night I packed my bag and closed the door behind me. No watch or phone did I take with me and I left the bike where it was to go on foot. Those things were with good reason. I didn't want to rush, I didn't want the time to be of any influence. I went on foot and I only wanted to return if I had a good picture.
First part was the park.. Tried a bit but it was too dark to be able to make any interesting pictures. Too little contrast in the area. After that I decided to go to the city center. There were alot of cars, bikes and pedestrians giving a nice image with lights and shadows. I shot some silhouets and went to the next place. Utrecht Central Station, tram-stop. Busses went on and off, cars passed and sometimes a tram came by. There were more pedestrians and bikes here and the wet ground gave some nice reflections.
After that I had a small trip through the city but I didn't get that interesting images. I've got 2 series of 3 pictures now that I want to share. First serie is the red serie of the tram-rail close to my home. Second serie is the blue (almost black and white) serie that I took at Utrecht CS. Comments are more than welcome. Either positive or negative. I prefer the negative ones with arguments so I can learn from it :)

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