dinsdag 21 juni 2011

Next steps

Already made the reservation for my new site. Now I only have to build it (or have to let it build) and release it. Plans are to have the release date on 11-11-'11. I love numbers and for me it's just a nice and realistic release date.
Already wrote some of my goals. This is a new goal. For now I didn't do anything digital for the site yet, except the registration of the domain. On the to do list is learning how to use Wordpress, think it'll be trial and error on that part. Reading and reading about it in the meanwhile, to know how it works. The reason why I chose for Wordpress is because it offers enough possibilities for what I would like to do with my site. There are alot of plugins for it and there are coming more and more of them. I don't want the new site to be as any other site. I want it to be an example for others. To be able to inspire people. I've been writing and sketching for a while now and hope to be able to put the ideas that I have on paper together in this new site. Some of the more important things to me are the navigation. Things have to be clear and direct when it comes to browsing through the site. It has to feel quite natural when you browse through it. Another important thing of course is to optimize it for showing and browsing the pictures.
Reading back the other goals I had for this year it'll get though. Working on the book for a band, bet it'll cost some more time than just this year. Talking, talking and talking about it. The band at least likes the idea, but haven't heard anything more serious yet. The idea I had about doing a shoot with fantasy-like characters will be though to plan. Will be quite busy this summer and the new site that I want to launch in November will take quite some time too and has priority over this shoot. The practicing with the photography of soccer goes quite well. Waiting for the new season to come and hope to shoot most of the youth team of Ajax for the upcoming season.
It has been too long since last update but I hope you like this one. If you have any ideas for new sites, please let me know :)