maandag 14 november 2011

Analysing Ville Juurikkala

3/5: Ville Akseli Juurikkala (

At the merchandise stand of Nightwish, at a concert, I found the book Dark Passion Gallery. It was a collection of photo's made by Ville Juurikkala. This book wasn't just about concert photography. It described the atmosphere during a tour. It contains live-photography but also bandshoots on locations and portraits of the members of Nightwish. Looking at the pictures you can feel the desire from the band to end this tour and go home, you can see the fun they have, how tired they can be and how much work has been done by the crew before the concert even starts.
When you look at the pictures, those are quite grainy. I think most of the work has been shot on film. Ville also knows how to use the surroundings to get a feeling in the picture. Tram rail, tree, seashore or even on a graveyard. His portraits are of high quality. He really builds his photos on emotion and that, in combination with the mostly dark pictures, is what I like.

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