donderdag 17 november 2011

Analysing Louis van de Vuurst

4/5: Louis van de Vuurst (

Louis van de Vuurst, one of the Dutch top sport photographers. He's the main photographer for Ajax and the Dutch national squad. But soccer is not the only thing he can shoot. He has also shot bands/artists like U2, Michael Jackson and the Rolling Stones. His main strength is being there. Working hard, traveling much. He's not an outstanding concert photographer but when he's visiting a soccer match, he knows how to capture the moments and the emotions. He's also quite good at shooting portraits. The photos aren't that perfect themselves but are technically good. The combination between situation, timing and historical value make his pictures special. Not only the day after the picture has been shot, but most of the times also when years have past. Examples below are Jaap Stam after his last match as a professional soccer player, a young Clarence Seedorf at the beginning of his professional career, Frank Rijkaard working with Bobby Haarms on his comeback. Below that are two more recent pictures: Christian Eriksen and Luis Suarez. 2 players who have the talent to become one of the best players in Europe.

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