maandag 14 november 2011

Analysing Anton Corbijn

2/5: Anton Corbijn (

One of the first photographers I knew by name. Anton started as a concert photographer and became famous shooting bands like U2, Elvis Costello, Miles Davis, David Bowie.. He now both shoots photos and video.
When you look to his photography you can clearly see his signature in the pictures. He has his own style and his own way of looking at things. He has some humor in his photography as well, using objects in the picture to do something with the subject. For example the picture of the tree growing out of Lance Armstrong's head or the lantern above Johnny Depp's head. He also used to do bandshoots with the band on the background in focus and the leadsinger blurred on the foreground. The picture of Depeche Mode is a good example for that. Most of his works look black and white and show more dark than light.

Elvis Costello:

Miles Davis:


Johnny Depp:

Massive Attack:

Lance Armstrong:

Nicolas Cage:

Herbert Gronemeyer:

Depeche Mode:

Kylie Minogue:

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