donderdag 17 november 2011

Analysing Klaas-Jan van der Weij

5/5: Klaas-Jan van der Weij (no website)

I've never seen a photographer giving such a nice presentation as Klaas-Jan van der Weij does. He's a real storyteller. He has won the 1st price in category Sports at the '91 World Press Photo awards and the 2nd price in Sports stories in the year '94. He captures the special, funny, emotional, dramatic, strange moments in his own way. He looks in his own way to things and that's why he makes different pictures than other sports photographers, he chooses positions others don't choose. I've seen pictures of him taken from extraordinary positions. Cycling pictures made out of a tree,  pictures taken with a wide-angle from almost off the ground and almost on the road. Cyclists falling, looking back.. A picture that I like very much (but can't find online that fast) is a picture taken in the Tour de France, where Klaas-Jan stands on a bridge, looking towards the finish. You can see lots of photographers behind the finishline and the first cyslist looking back over his shoulder towards the camera. Actually he's looking back where the followers are, but they're not in the picture. After 10 years of sports photography Klaas-Jan quits. Looking back through the pictures he says his pictures are some kind of diary, where you can see how he felt at the moment.

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