maandag 30 april 2012

Belmonte Arboretum

It was a sunny day off and the city itself was too crowded to feel good. The weather was too good to stay inside, so I decided to take my camera with me and head to the Belmonte Arboretum. Those botanical gardens belong to the Wageningen University.
For the macro pictures I've used the Hama +10 macro lens (52mm) on my Nikon 50mm F1.4D lens. It was the first time I've really used it outside and it worked quite well. The worse thing about the macro lens is the focus distance. You can't change the focus distance so you have to move with the camera till the subject is sharp. With the moving flowers it took a bit more time shooting those and sometimes the distance to the subject was too small or too big for what I had in mind.
Enough text now ;)

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