maandag 15 oktober 2012

Look through the first impression

Everyone knows this: you've taken some pictures, but they aren't as good as you hoped for. Don't worry about those photos, for there's more in it than just the first impression you get when you quickly browse through your pictures. When you go through the pictures for the first time, most of the times you'll look at them and judge them as if it were the final result. Sometimes you miss the real good ones because of that reason. When you shoot at RAW format there's a lot of information and quality which you can't directly see, but which is actually in the picture. You just have to get the quality out of it after you've seen the potential.
As most concertphotographers do, I used to really hate red lights. Cameras can't handle the situation that good and the red lights might ruin your perfect shot. Though, if you edit those pictures correctly, you can get stunning black and white pictures out of it. Sometimes you can, by adjusting the white balance, even get most of the colors back.
Another thing you have to look through is the composition. Sometimes you just have to crop the picture a bit to improve the quality of a picture. At first sight the picture might be boring. When you take another look at it and you crop it, you can make it more interesting.
I'll add some examples later, for now I hope this can help you a bit if you struggle making the right selection if you browse through your photos.

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